Camping options

Here are some options for those of you interested in camping.

It is possible to spend a night at the campsite of Schronisko PTTK Jagodna which is situated in the Event Center of the 4th stage of Sudety Cup. The remaining stages are also located nearby with a maximum distance of 10 km. The cost of accommodation in a tent in Schronisko PTTK Jagodna is 25 PLN per person. Please send your reservations directly to the Schronisko PTTK Jagodna, the number of available tent spots is limited, details can be found here (only in Polish).

The second option, closer to nature, is an overnight stay in a tent as part of the State Forests program Zanocuj w lesie (Stay overnight in the forest). It just so happens that the areas where you can spend the night in the forest for free are located right next to the Sudety Cup arenas. A detailed map of these areas and more information about the program itself can be found here (only in Polish) and here (short information in English).